General information

Frogn high school and our place in Norway’s education system

Frogn High School opened in 2006 and is one of 34 upper secondary schools in the county of Akershus. Located in the town of Drøbak a 30-minute drive southeast of Norway's capital Oslo, it currently has 750 students aged 16 to 19 and a staff of 80.

Compulsory schooling in Norway is ten years and children start school at the age of six. Everyone between the ages of 16 and 19 has a statutory right to three years’ upper secondary education leading either to higher education, or to vocational qualifications or partial qualifications. Students may choose to attend any high school in the county where they reside. Our main catchment area comprises the western part of the Follo region of Akershus.

Upper secondary education combines general theoretical education and vocational training. Nationally, students may choose one of 15 foundation courses during their first year. Frogn High School offers three of these: Programme for Sports and Physical Education, Programme for Service and Communication, and Programme for Specialisation in General Studies. These lead on to specialised courses in second and third year (advanced courses I and II) and to apprenticeships. In addition to the above we offer specially adapted vocational courses.

The content of the all courses is described in the national curricula - see this link for an English translation.


Frogn High School actively seeks international contacts and partnerships. We offer the following modern foreign languages: English, Spanish, German and French. Every year groups of language students go on study trips to countries where their target language is spoken. We have taken part in a number of Comenius projects involving modern foreign languages as well as groups from our sports and physical education programme. We have an exchange program with a partner school in Strasbourg and are in the process of planning further exchange programs.

Subject blocks, compressed timetable and teamwork

Our motto: A step ahead!

There are many reasons why Frogn High School is a step ahead.

If you choose to study at Frogn High School you will experience a modern school in many different ways. The school’s clean lines, open spaces, high-quality facilities and the use of digital technology in all subjects will give you a school life that is exciting and varied.

Our pedagogical approach is based on compressed timetable consisting of subject blocks and work in subject teams. A subject block means that you will have your lessons in one or two subjects per day. For example, you will have all your lessons in mathematics in one subject block on a Monday. In this way, you will be able to work efficiently on projects or lengthy tasks in one day and you will also be able to focus in depth on the topic involved.

Our teachers collaborate, plan, teach and evaluate each subject block as a subject team. This gives them the possibility of adapting the lesson to your level in the subject, as well as the way the subject matter is taught so that you learn in the way that suits you. Teamwork gives the teachers the possibility to develop new skills and methods by learning from each other, which means that the students will have the benefit of knowledgeable and motivated teachers in every subject.